• Aside of desktop computers, there are lots and lots of gadgets that any programmer or coder can use to increase own work productivity. Working on laptops, tablets and even smartphones makes sense. One of the main advantages is full flexibility. You have a total freedom of movement. You can go anywhere you want with your small gadget.


    Emily Mark

  • I like people who like reading. You know, not e-books, but real paper books. Reading is an incredibly useful skill, especially when you reading books on web development. Throughout second half of the 20st century there were a lot of prominent figures that affected the world we call digital now. Many of them left wonderful works that inspire next generations so far.


    Joey Goldberg

  • Did you know that you are lucky? Why? You live in the truly incredible time. After creating a digital world, we finally achieved another reality. Just imagine our future with VR. There won't be distant communication at all. With virtual reality we will be able to simulate almost everything happened in our life. Of course, not tomorrow. But we went through the first attempts and they are pretty good. Even more, in addition to virtual reality we as humans also created mixed reality. This technology is even more engaging.


    Tom Green

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